Monday, 3 December 2018

A night to remember

When a man met a crossdresser for the first time, he had no idea that this night was going to be the hottest night of his life. And no regular woman would ever be able to satisfy his desires again.
It all started when I found out about Planet Romeo. It’s a gay dating site, and has a lot of people there! So I uploaded a pic of mine and got a few hits here and there. One of them was Nitin Shah, he is an older gentleman of about 48-50 years of age. He stays in Borivali (Mumbai) which is a hub of gujarati traders! Also since his surname was Shah, I knew he was a gujju! Looking at his name, I had a tiny hope that he will fulfill my wish of becoming a gujju/marwari woman.
He pinged me one day saying he would like to meet up on the following weekend as his wife was out. We didn’t exchange pics as I trusted him for some reason, and he did too. So we decided to meet at 7.00 after work, I did tell him that I liked to dress up and asked him if that would be a deal breaker, as I have met plenty of gay/bi men who do not like crossdressers. He seemed pretty cool with that! He had never met a crossdresser before so even he was looking forward to experiment!
So the day arrived. I couldn’t wait till the day got over and then the clock struck 6.30. I made my way to Borivali station, we decided to meet near the foot over bridge. Also we had decided that if anyone of us found the other person not up to their expectations, we can opt out and leave. As I saw him, there he was. A bald guy with a bit of paunch and a heavy mustache, he was also wearing spectacles. He was wearing a half sleeve shirt and trouser. He definitely looked like a well-off gujju trader! I kind of liked what I saw. He laid his eyes on me and gave me a sly smile. A smile that said that meant that he liked what he saw.
At that time, I was in my jeans and t-shirt with a backpack. He came close and shook hands with me, and gave me a side hug. He held me by my waist and took a handful of my waist in his hands and said “sexy kamar hai tumhari (You have a sexy waist!)”. I felt super weird as this was the first time we were meeting, and he pinched and grabbed my waist. It happened very quickly so I couldn’t react. Also since I was still in my t shirt and jeans, it felt pretty weird. Then he said let’s take a Rickshaw to his place. I agreed and hailed a Rickshaw. He told the address and we both sat in it. We just had a bit of casual talk about work and family and stuff. We kept it minimum though, he also made sure that he put his arms around me and pushed his fingers through my hair at the back of my head. I could see he was trying to be the dominating guy between us which by all means was fine by me. I felt myself rubbing his thighs through his pants. Then I got scared, what if he kisses me in the rickshaw? I would be super embarrassed!! So then I took my hand back and folded them together. We reached his place in 15 minutes. He asked me to wait while he goes up and check out if his neighbors had their door closed and check for the maid too. I said OK and went to the nearest grocery shop, and bought a bag of lays chips while I waited for his call. He called me in about 10 minutes. And he told me to come to his apartment on the 6th floor. I was a bit apprehensive, and was thinking for a moment. He called again and said “kahaan ho bahu rani, tumhara intezaar kar raha hoon. Jaldi aao na apne sasurji ke pass.” (Where are you dear daughter-in-law, your father-in-law is eagerly waiting for you!). The moment I heard these lines, I melted and felt butterflies in my tummy. I didn’t reply and just started walking towards the building!
I took the lift and pressed the button to the 6th floor. When I reached, he opened the door still clad in his shirt and trousers. He said let’s take a bath first. I said cool as it was hot and humid. Also I wanted to smell nice and fresh for Nitin. He went in the shower first and called me in. I was super excited! I got out of my jeans and t-shirt, took of my underwear and joined him in the shower.
The moment I joined him in, he hugged me tightly! I loved being held by him too. He started rubbing my back with his big and coarse hands. I loved that feeling. Then he moved a bit lower and held me by my waist! I gasped, he then reached my button and started kneading them with his hands. I was enjoying all the attention when suddenly he put his hands on my shoulder. I knew what was to come but I didn’t know how to react then he pushed me on my knees very gently. I followed it too with a throbbing heart. When I was completely down I tried to look at his face but the water from the shower faucet was ruining my vision.
Then, right in front of me was a modest 5.5 – 6 inches of man meat. I started soaping it a bit and cleaned it thoroughly, thankfully(or not) he let me get up once the soap was washed off his manhood. Then we dried ourselves and then he asked “Kya pehnogi beti” (What will you wear dear daughter?). It felt awesome as well as a bit perverse when he called me beti! A bit about me here: I am 27yrs old, with a bit of facial hair. I do not look feminine and I don’t intend to either at least face wise. I’m not too much into make up either. I just love dressing up. I am 5.10 and 78 kgs and have some nice folds at my waist. And when I wear sarees, my nice fleshy back creates sexy folds when I wear those low cut blouses! You know what I mean, don’t you? Still you have no idea, how sexy I can look in those blouses!
Back to the story:) So when he asked me that, I felt a bit shy and told him that I would like to wear a saree! I knew that his absent wife being a gujju woman would have a wonderful collection of expensive sarees. And I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to dress up to my liking. He opened his wardrobe and there was one of the best collection of sarees that I have ever seen, right in front of me. For a moment, I was lost in the beautiful treasure that was in front of my eyes.  I felt elated because all those pretty sarees belonged to me tonight.
He asked me if I liked any of the sarees “Sasu maa” had. I blushed and nodded. There was also a huge framed picture of them both on the wall. His wife was a bit on the heavier side, fair and had beautiful eyes. I am glad for that as her blouses would fit me well.
I asked him if I could dress up in private and get ready for him. He obliged and locked the door behind him. For the next 2 minutes I just stood there in awe of the collection that was in front of me. I also checked the lower drawers and they had nighties, bras and panties. They were not fancy just the simple cotton ones but the fact they were worn by his wife made them hot and special! I could picture her getting ready and wearing all of these things one by one. I got a hard-on just thinking about it. I wondered how she might be in the bed. But no matter what, I knew that I would be a much better woman tonight! Because I know what men want!
Then I picked up a lehariya / bandhani saree, that is typically worn by gujju marwadi women. Picked up a matching blouse that had a pretty deep back and had cups in it. The saree had a bit of embroidery on the pallu. The blouses also had latkans at the back to tie the dori (string). I picked up a white satin petticoat to wear beneath the saree! I draped the saree in the next 15 minutes. Getting the pleats right and the length of the pallu right was a bit of a task! But in the end I was happy and satisfied with the result. I had not used any pins to secure the pleats of the saree as I didn’t want any hindrance to be faced by him while he is stripping the saree off my body! I wore it a bit lower than my navel, and 
I definitely looked hot, like I would fuck me kinda hot!! I was feeling like a sexy vixen draped in that saree. Just when I was getting out of the room, I saw a Kamar bandh hanging in the wardrobe. I wrapped it around my waist and gave my hips a few shakes. I loved the way it juggled on the waist. Then I called out “Nitin ji, zara meri choli ki dori kas dijiye” (Nitin ji, can you please tie a knot on the back of my blouse?). He at once came in and was astonished to see me. He was getting horny looking at me, and his hands directly went to his crotch and he started stroking his cock! I gave him a smirk and said “Rukiye na, pehle meri dori bandh dijiye” (Come on dear, can’t you wait a while? At least, tie my knot first.) I turned my back towards him as I showed my sexy deep cut blouse with sexy folds on my waist.
He went behind me and tied a knot. I could feel his hot breath on my naked back as he did that. I then asked him if he could tie a mangalsutra around my neck. He said yes, and I gave him the long mangalsutra that was in the wardrobe. It was a dream come true moment for me. I am getting horny just by writing and reminiscing that day!
I then went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and got back to the bedroom. Then he held me and said ” Bahut hua nakhra jaan, abhi bahut garam ho gaya hoon.” (Darling, enough of your flirtations. I am already too hot for you now!)  I understood what he meant and stood in front him and spread my arms while I managed my beautiful saree. He grabbed me in his loving embrace kissing my cheeks and neck, he also started biting and kissing my earlobes! Then suddenly he pushed me away, a gentle push to move me a bit. Then he took off his Kurta, the white chest hair in the yellow bedroom light looked amazing. I was going to experience becoming a woman soon!
I took the free end of my pallu and tucked it in my waist like a naughty woman. Then I squatted in front of him and looked at the throbbing cock right in front of me dripping and glistening with pre-cum. It was very difficult for me to control my self. I was ready to become the woman of this man’s dreams. I was ready to give this man the most amazing experience of his life. I knew what to do next that will rock him.  I took his cock in my hand an started gently massaging. I started off with slow loving strokes and increased my speed and a bit.
Then I slowly took the cock head and placed it on my tongue. Then wrapped the upper part of the cock with my upper lips and kept still for a few moments and looked at him in the eyes. Then I started moving my mouth on that hard cock. Oh! How I loved that moment! After sucking it for about 5 minutes, he motioned me to get up and pulled me in for a kiss. I knew he loved it! Then he signed me to turn around, and grabbed my ass. I knew what was gonna happen, then he put his hands around my waist and hugged me from behind. I could feel his cock through the satin fabric of the petticoat and saree.  The saree and the satin petticoat that came in between me and his manhood, made me go wild. It was such a sexy tease!
I loved that feeling, he started kissing on my neck and back. I made him sit at the edge of the bed and seductively picked up the rear portion of the saree then the petticoat. I felt like such a slut when I raised the back portion of the saree and stood there in his house waiting to be ravaged and loved by him. I loved it how my saree though still wrapped around my waist, easily made way for him.
Then I lowered and backed up my thick ass on his cock. It didn’t go in, but the sensation of feeling a throbbing cock near your ass hole is amazing. I just started rubbing his cock all over my naked ass. Then I let my saree and petticoat fall on his thigh and kept on grinding! He was pretty wild from this point on, he said things like “Ragdo beti, Zor se ragdo” (Rub it hard dear) and ” Pura Aurat banaunga tujhe rani” (I am going to make you a complete woman tonight my dear princess). He started grunting and moaning, I started playing along with him too by replying in hindi like a Desi bitch in heat!! Then suddenly it went all the way in.. I couldn’t believe it!! I had a man’s cock buried inside my ass and it felt amazing! He started going in deeper and I was loving it. He started calling me names and I loved it! Then I got off him and stepped away from him. He looked disappointed and called me back, I said no as I mocked him. I straightened out my saree and thankfully it had not come off completely. I went to the living room, while walking out the bedroom door I swayed my ass a little more than usual. He got up from the edge of the bed and followed me to the living room naked with his manhood dangling.
I sat on the sofa and looked at him. I told him to get his cock near my face, then I wrapped the mangalsutra on his cock and started licking it. I also looked at his face continuously while bobbing up and down on his throbbing meat. It was a sight to see, he was squeezing the front of my padded blouse and I was reacting like woman getting her breasts mauled!
So here I was,  in a man’s own living room with his manhood in my mouth and being treated like an absolute woman! He then roughly grabbed my hair and chocked my throat with his increasing hardness. I looked at his face and saw the desperation on his face to ejaculate. I didn’t want him to, not so soon. I had only started to enjoy this and didn’t want this to end it so soon. I took him out of my mouth and slapped my cheeks with the throbbing cock. Then I told him to sit on the sofa as I raised my saree and petticoat and spread my legs. Then I stood on the sofa and squatted on his cock this time facing him. His cock was again at the opening of my eager ass, and his face staring at my blouse. I can’t explain that feeling when your man is admiring you with his face so close to your chest, while you can feel his admiration hardening up below there! I felt a little bit shy and covered his face with the pallu of my saree. The saree was a bit transparent and he could still look at me. His expressions turned more aggressive behind that saree. I loved it, and gave a mischievous smile to him as I let myself go free. His cock just slid inside my aching love hole. An ‘Aah’ just escaped out of my mouth, that’s the moment I realized that I was absolutely loving this.
With the cock inside me, I was feeling like a proper woman getting a good loving from my lover. He held me by my waist grabbing my love handles and started thrusting, slowly and steadily. I just wished that this moment could go on forever. He was lovingly caressing my open back through the almost backless blouse that I was wearing. Then suddenly he grabbed my waist with one hand and the saree bunched up at my waist with his other hand and sped up his strokes. He also started moaning and grunting, this turned me on even more and I increased the pace of my squats to match his hard thrusts. The mangalsutra was still there dangling in my neck on the blouse.
Then he started to part my ass cheeks so that he could get further inside me. I was pleasantly surprised by how deep he was going with each thrust. I started arching my back due to the pleasure I was getting. Uff I am getting hard just by thinking about it now. He started moaning and grunting and also started calling me ” a bitch”, a woman, a filthy cock sucking whore, and a lot more things. I didn’t mind it at all as I loved a bit of dirtiness and kinkiness too. I was also asking him to fuck me and use me like his whore. Things were too hot now, so I took his head and placed it between my ‘breasts’ on my chest. I hugged him tight and started moving vigorously on his cock while he increased his thrusts to fuck me. I could feel him building up a huge orgasm and I didn’t want him to waste it by cuming in my ass. So I asked him if he was on the verge of cuming, he nodded yes. He continued penetrating my love hole. The room was filled with an aroma of sex and moans of the two of us lovers in a heat. Then he said ‘baby main jhadne wala hoon‘ (Baby I am about to cum). I said him to stop and got off his cock and lap at once and kneeled down in front of his cock, I also took my pallu and put it on my head like a bahu would in front of her elders. I was ready for my final moment. What happened next? I am a little shy to write all that. But I can tell you this: I became a fully satisfied woman as he experienced the most intense moment of his life. Now, he knew that no normal woman can ever fulfill his desires the way I did. I became that “special” woman of his desire.
He kissed me on my lips. Satisfied and spent he laid there on the sofa, while I started getting up from the floor taking care of my saree, to get ready and leave as it was already late. He stopped me and offered to stroke me and please me. Afterall, my excitement, my hardness was really bulging out in that saree. The feeling of satin petticoat on it, kept it hard all the time. But I replied “I am your bahu now and I m there to only take care of you, and you don’t have to worry about me”. Then I got up and went to the bedroom to change. I walked like a seductress to tease him once more. He kept looking at me as I walked away from him. I knew that he would always remember that walk of the seductress in that gorgeous saree. And no other woman but me, would ever be able to walk in that saree for him the way I did.
Slowly, I got out of the saree and slid out of the blouse. I folded the saree blouse and the petticoat and neatly placed it in the wardrobe the way it was before. Of course, now that saree had the hot memories of me making that man wild. I again looked at his wife’s picture, smiling adoringly at the camera. I smiled looking at her. I stroked myself just thinking about her and how I managed to get her husband to love me in spite of her being so beautiful! I was proud of myself for that. Then I gave a kiss on Nitin’s cheek and we said goodbyes until we meet again, and we definitely met again. Like lots of times!! That’s to be continued in the later parts.

Pratibha: A wild encounter

When I found that my wife was cheating on me with another man, I was furious. But that man caught me wearing my wife’s saree. What would he do to me?

Like everyone else in this world, my life had its ups and downs, and that led me to discover who I really was. I am Rohit, 32 yr old married guy from Mumbai, working for an MNC and with a great taste for finer things in life. And this is my story of self-discovery, a story about an incident when my world and my life turned upside down completely.

Since I was a teenager, I had a fetish of dressing up in drag. I loved to wear my mom’s clothes, I loved how she behaved and loved how elegantly she carried her sarees. When I used to wear her clothes, I used to take on another persona, and Rohit would become Pratibha. I loved sarees and the whole process of dressing up, right from choosing the petticoat and the blouse to the jewelry that goes with the saree. Growing up, I used to wear my mom’s sarees and pretend to go to office and work. Needless to say, my mom was my role model.

But apart from dressing, sometimes, I would feel the need of a man who would make me complete. But at that time, it just wasn’t possible, and the feeling was not very strong. So, I would not think much about it or try to curb those thoughts. But the desire to be with a man always remained there.

Cut to the present day, me and my wife used to stay in a plush complex in Andheri, and both of us had good and stable jobs. Everything was going great for the first 3 years of our marriage, and then she started acting strange. Something about her had changed. She started spending too much time on herself; she began to go to the parlour every weekend to get her hair and nails done. I also started noticing that she wore bolder outfits to work, the length of her skirts started getting shorter and shorter; the sarees she used to wear got sexier, and her blouses got sexier too. She also started wrapping her sarees tightly around her curvy fleshy body. My wife is a heavy woman, about 75 kgs and stood at 5.7 inches. She was a little busty, and blessed with breasts of size 36C. This was all great for me because I was just two inches taller to her, and that meant that I could wear her clothes with ease. I used to dress up whenever she would to go to work, as we had different working schedules. I used to purposely buy her stuff that I myself wished to wear so that I can put it on when she wasn’t around.

Things were going great between us. But this new development had me in a tizzy, I could sense that she was having an affair with a colleague of hers but I wanted to be sure. And one day, she announced that she would be going out of Mumbai for 4 days for an official tour. I was super happy that I would get the lonely time to dress up, but at the same time I was a bit suspicious too, as I didn’t know what’s gonna go down at her ‘official‘ tour. I decided that I should talk to her once she gets back from her trip. I suspected that she was having an affair with a guy named Pankaj, that she was too friendly with in her office.

Life can be really stressful when you suspect your wife is cheating on you. And you need a valve to release that stress. And my time-tested stress reliever was getting dolled up in a saree, and become a woman for a few hours. “Until she’s back I can go ahead and be the women that I craved to be”, I thought to myself. Thursday was already here, and she had packed two suitcases worth of clothes for her trip. I didn’t question her a lot as she had picked mostly her dresses, and her sarees were there at my disposal. Sarees were my first choice to become a woman, though my wife had several sarees (thanks to me who gifted her those), she would wear those only occasionally. In fact, I had worn them more than she ever did!

Once, she was out of the door and took a taxi to the airport, I went to the bathroom. I had a nice warm bath and shaved my face closely. I came out with the towel wrapped around my body and opened my wife’s side of the wardrobe. I always loved to stare at her wardrobe. It was full of expensive designer sarees and clothes. Touching her sarees, bras and blouses would give me goosebumps. And today, I had the luxury to go through it thoroughly, and pick a saree of my own choice.

I chose a maroon-pink colored plain chiffon saree with a golden border and little pearls dangling at the pallu! Then I chose a golden short-sleeve blouse that was one of the recent purchases of my wife. It had a pretty deep back. It almost felt backless and the cleavage was pretty huge too! Then, I picked a nice satin peach-colored petticoat that was made of spandex which hugs the body of the wearer giving the saree a nice and sexy shape. I slid into it and started draping the saree around my body, I looked at myself in the mirror while wearing the saree, and saw a hot lady staring back at me. I adjusted my pleats and kept my pallu open, then I grabbed her pearl-set that I had gifted her for our anniversary and put it around my neck.

After my transformation was almost complete, I jiggled my ass as I walked around a little!
This whole process of dressing up was turning me on like crazy, and I could feel the excitement building up inside my delicate panties. I could feel a bit of pre-cum coming out, and getting smeared on the expensive Victoria secret’s panties that I was wearing. I then took out my wig from my bag which is otherwise kept safely in my gym locker, and put it on my head. I tied it in a juda (hindi word for bun) as I love ladies who have their hair tied in a big round juda. The juda made me even sexier, and I felt like I need to touch and stroke myself. My transformation was complete, and I was ready to enjoy my time as a woman.

But just then the door opened, and right there standing in front of me was Pankaj, my wife’s colleague! “How did he get in? Does he have the key to my house?”, I wondered. My doubts about my wife cheating on me with him were almost confirmed. But I was more worried now because he had seen me dressed as a woman. He could use that to blackmail me, and continue to have his way with my wife. My heart was beating really fast. I was trembling due to the fear that I cannot explain. At the same time, I was fuming with anger seeing this man who would make love to my wife in my own home.

That man walked upto me while stood frozen there. But as startled I was to see him, he was as surprised when he saw me in a saree. I tried to hide myself behind the saree pallu and wrapped it across my body to avoid his gaze, just like any woman would do in front of a strange man. But his gaze continued to pierce my chubby luscious body. And soon, his gaze turned into a smile and he closed the door behind him and began to walk towards me. I had no idea what he was gonna do next as I waited for him to come close to me. He got closer and closer … And my heart began to pound harder with each step of his.

He looked at me and said, “Hi sexy lady. Does this hot lady has a name?” He had a smirk on his face. I was both afraid and angry looking at him. I don’t know why but I played along with him and said to him, “I like to call myself bhabhi (sister-in-law in hindi), Pratibha bhabhi when I am dresssed as a woman.” May be, I was looking forward to be treated as a woman. Then, he slowly moved his finger over my saree blouse, touched and pinched around my navel, and whispered, “I like what you are wearing, Pratibha bhabhi.” And then, he held my arms in his strong grip. I almost moaned in pain. I was taken aback with his forceful advances. He acted as if he already owned me. “Fucking bastard”, I thought to myself. My eyes were wide in fury, and he could see that.

“You know Pratibha bhabhi? I have fucked your wife so many times, but I think you are way hotter than your wife can ever be.”, he said as he rubbed his thumb forcefully over my lips. I don’t know why but I liked the way he touched me. God! He was so close to me! But I should be angry with him. Shouldn’t I? After all, he was talking about fucking my wife! In that moment of heat, I raised my hand to slap with full force this cunning man who dared to talk about my wife in front of me. But he was strong… god, he was so strong. He stopped me by strongly holding my wrist in his hand. My glass bangles made a lot of noise when he did that. He overpowered me. But god, why was I feeling hot? What was going on in my head!!

“Oh, I like angry bitches. That little fury in my woman makes me turn hot.”, he smiled as he forcefully pushed my hand down. I was too weak to resist his manly force. He got closer to me; his muscular body was now pressing against my body. I was confined between him and the wall behind me. He then used his other hand to forcefully hold my lips, and he touched my lips with his own. I tried to resist his advances but I felt so weak in front of him. I closed my eyes as he had his way with my lips. He sucked it, and I couldn’t do anything. I almost cried. But then, he stepped back a little.

He stared at me still keeping me within his hold. “I don’t understand why are you so angry at me. It was your wife who came to me. You should be angry with her, and not me.”, he said. He was completely unapologetic for what he had been doing behind my back.

I stared back at him, but suddenly there was a little smile on my face. He was right! I should have been angry with my wife. And I had come with a perfect solution to have my sweet revenge upon her. I gestured naughtily at Pankaj with my eyes. He smiled back. He understood what I wanted, and that was something he wanted too. He quickly pulled me close by grabbing my fleshy skin-folds around my waist. Oh God, he was so strong! He brought his face closer to mine and kissed me on my lips. I felt really aroused because I was in my own house dressed in my wife’s saree, looking like a hot bhabhi, and a stranger holding me by my naked fleshy arms. This was like a dream come true for me, the dream that I had since my teen-age to be with a man who would complete me!

I gestured at him naughtily with my eyes. He knew what he had to do! Though I was a bit reluctant to kiss him at first but I gave in after a few seconds, and passionately started kissing him back with my lips. First it was just lips and then he started probing mouth with his tongue, I held his tongue between my lips and started sucking it passionately. He was holding me like a woman and bending me in his arms, moving his palms on my almost naked back, thanks to the almost backless blouse. It was getting hotter and hotter when he broke the kiss and pushed me a bit away from him.

In that kissing frenzy, he had let my hair loose and let it fall freely. I was just left their gaping with my mouth wide open. Just then he unzipped his jeans and left it open. He then motioned me to his crotch with his eyes, I knew what had to be done. Like a real woman, I tied my hair in a juda (bun) and tucked the loose end of my saree pallu at my waist, delicately held the pleats in front of my saree and walked towards him. I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. There was a mischievous smile on my face as I reached closer; I put my head on his chest, and put one hand on the bulge of his jeans. It was big; I could sense it, and it was twitching when I held it in my hands. Pankaj moaned a little and put his hands on my shoulder and gently started pushing me down to his crotch. I couldn’t believe it, he was a stranger in my house and was dominating me and I was acting like his dutiful bitch…

It was strange … really strange for me … here I was being a delicate bitch in my own home. I always thought that I was manly enough, well … manly enough for my wife. I was no different from thousands of man who go to work, come back home, pay their bills and make love to their wives occasionally. I always thought … I was manly enough. I know it is hard to make this argument when I am on my knees, wearing a saree, and ready to serve the man in front of me!

Pankaj was really strong and macho. Certainly, my slut wife had picked someone who was manlier than me. But good for me, I certainly needed a strong man to make me his woman. And Pankaj being the dominating kind was perfect for me. His domination made me turn hot for his body. Looking down at me, he touched my face and fondled with my blouse. I blushed. I was now craving to open what was waiting for me inside his pants.

Just as I was thinking and making sense of the situation, he asked me, “What happened Pratibha bhabhi? Are you feeling shy?” Oh, how I got aroused just hearing him say those magical words “Pratibha bhabhi“! I immediately took the band of his underwear and pulled it down, and a huge 8 inch cock sprang up in front of me. It was black, was the size of my wrist and had a small bush of hair around it. I was amazed at just looking at it; it was about the size of my wrist. I held it in my hand and it twitched. I start giving it small strokes and rubbing the entire length of his shaft. He started moaning, I increased my pace and his moans became louder.

Then he placed his hand on my head and guided my face to his cock. My mouth was watering but was also a bit scared as to how do I accommodate such a huge monster in my mouth. I smacked my lips to build up the saliva and took the head in. I could not believe the fact that my fantasy was coming true with such a man! I started using my tongue to lick his cock in my mouth, slowly I started taking it all in and it hit the back of my mouth. Being a first timer, I was super proud that I could deep throat him. Just then he held my head and started thrusting his cock into my mouth. He was slower at first but later increased his speed. I started choking so I squeezed his butt cheeks, but he gave me a wicked grin and gave me a couple of hard strokes before stopping. I gasped for air the moment his monster was out of mouth, I had a trail of saliva on my blouse and saree. Some of the saliva was also resting on the mangalsutra that I was wearing, so I took the locket with the his precum on it and put it in my mouth while looking at him seductively.

I could see the hunger and lust in his eyes for my body increasing every second. I then got up from my kneeling position holding his hand, as getting up in a saree was as it is difficult. But after the onslaught of his cock in my mouth, I was feeling tired. I stood up, adjusted my pleats and pallu, and asked him if he liked what he just experienced. He said he loved it. My panties were already dripping with my precum by now. I slipped my hand inside his shirt to feel my man; he was a strong man, and had a hairy chest and underarms. Then he held my hand and took me to my bedroom.

The bedroom had a full length mirror where upon entering I could see how hot I actually looked. My hair was loose and the saree was still tightly wrapped around my body. Pankaj had already jumped in to the bed with his cock fully erect. Just as I was relishing my looks in the mirror, he called out to me “Come to me, my dear bhabhi. I have to do something.”  I stood at the edge of the bed and asked him “What do you want to do now dear? Wasn’t that enough?”

He held my arms, and took me to the bedroom. And he casually mentioned, “Not even close, darling. I am going to make you a complete woman tonight.” I blushed the moment I heard these lines, and was trembling with excitement. He stood in front of me; I was feeling even sluttier and womanly in front of this huge man with a huge cock. He signaled me to bend on the computer table; I did like as I was told, and he went behind me and pulled up my saree, then my satin petticoat and slid my panties and used his spit to lubricate my ass. I got super turned on and started moaning, he said “Bhabhi, at least wait for me to get inside you.” I smiled and told him “Don’t make me wait, my dear devarji (brother-in-law). Get inside me. Fuck me now!”. I almost screamed at him in excitement.

Then he positioned himself behind me and in one thrust, he was inside. I gasped as I felt my life being sucked away due to the pain. My mouth got wide open. I guess being a woman wasn’t that easy! Then after waiting for a couple of seconds he started a slow rhythm and went on increasing his pace and force. After about 5 minutes, I started enjoying it completely. I was having a time of my life by thrusting my body against his, waiving my booty and matching his thrust to get more and more of his cock inside me.

Then after going on for what seemed like an eternity, he took his cock out of me; I looked at him with mock anger and asked him to put it back inside me. He said, “bhabhi, there are a few more positions to try.” I said, “Ohh… so what does my naughty devar (brother-in-law) wants to do to his bhabhi now?” He didn’t say a word and got on the bed and asked me to get on top of him. I seductively climbed on the bed with my saree delicately held in my hand, and stood above his throbbing cock. He said, “Bhabhi, Come and sit on it. It’s waiting for your ass.”  In that feeling of hotness, I replied to him, “Oh no devarji, I am not just going to sit…. I am going to ride your cock!”. I then lifted up my saree and petticoat, and he pushed aside my panties to insert his cock deep inside me. Oh… what a feeling it was as he began to squeeze over my saree blouse, while I rode over him! I looked at myself in the full sized mirror and couldn’t believe what I was watching; I looked like a typical middle aged bhabhi desperate for a young cock. My hair all loose added to how hot and seductive I looked! And then, he pulled me closer to his face and began to kiss around my neck, and then, he bit my fleshy chest coming out of my sexy blouse’s neckline. I really got horny with his biting. I kept going, bouncing up and down on his cock when suddenly the bedroom door opened and there she was, my wife!

That night, I had lost all my control over myself. I was a hot bhabhi that night craving for a man! I couldn’t believe my self and wanted to stop but I was too far into it, and kept bouncing up and down on his cock while looking straight at my wife. My wife called out, “Pankaj, I hope u like this bitch!”. Pankaj suddenly threw me off him and I landed besides him on the bed, a wave of embarrassment and despair swept over me. My wife came over to the bed took his cock in her hand and said, “Tell me, Pankaj. Is she better than me?” and gave a wink to Pankaj. I couldn’t believe that it was a setup, I was panic stricken and didn’t know what to do. Until now, I was thinking that I was having my sweet revenge, but it was she who had planned all this. What was I thinking? I felt a sense of betrayal but looking at myself, I thought my wife would be feeling the same. Here I was in her saree, makeup, jewelry and pretending to be a hot middle aged woman, and she was calmly standing looking at us.

Then she started laughing and so did Pankaj. I felt humiliated. My own wife was stroking another man in front of me. Somehow, the way they were humiliating me was turning me on! I got up from the bed and tried to walk away. But since my saree had gotten undone, I was trying hard to even manage it. I tried to cover my chest with my saree to hide the love bites around my neck from my wife. I really struggled to manage my saree, to which my wife smirked and said, “Look at this horny bitch, even after all the humiliation, she still wants to look prim and proper in her saree… Oops .. in her wife’s saree.” Saying this, they again laughed and then my wife went to Pankaj and held his cock between her hands; the same cock that I was riding a few moments ago. And without missing a beat, she put it in her mouth, and started sucking like a pro. Now this was not expected but I could feel a bulge growing beneath my petticoat. Why was this turning me on? And then, I noticed that she was wearing a blue satin mini dress which made her thick arms and thighs jiggle with every move. She also had her heels on, which meant that she was prepared for this situation. While sucking she casually raised her hand and invited me towards her, I didn’t miss a beat and the next thing was me and my wife sucking her boyfriends thick cock. She let me do most of the sucking, telling me that I deserved it more than her as she had already been doing it for months now.

Pankaj threw me away on his side. My saree had got undone. I felt humiliated in front of my wife. I hungrily lapped his cock, and my wife started pushing my face on to the cock. This was straight out of a fantasy for me and Pankaj was enjoying all the attention. He then pointed my wife towards the bulge below my petticoat which was now showing up through my saree folds. “Look at this whore … she is excited too.” My wife laughed. To which, Pankaj said to her, “Why don’t you stroke her? She deserves a little fun too.” But my wife refused immediately, “I am not going to stroke that tiny thingy.” Why did she have to insult me? I wondered. But Pankaj was not ready for any disobedience. He slapped my wife and said, “You both are my bitches. And you will do what I ask you to do. Do you understand?” And he forced her to stroke me, while he pulled me closer to kiss my lips passionately. I gave a meek “ouch” sound as his pull was really strong. I loved it when he chose me over my wife! It was as if we both “ladies” were competing for the same man, and I had won! The sweet revenge was back!

After sometime, Pankaj then asked my wife to suck her cock.  My wife got too excited and started sucking with new vigour; while I stood by adjusting my clothes and watched her treated like a total bitch. Then they both looked at me and my wife asked me to get on my knees on the bed, she positioned herself near my face and asked me to lick like the bitch that I was. I hungrily started licking her wet pussy and drinking her love juices, it tasted heavenly and suddenly Pankaj stood on the bed behind me, knelt a little and pushed his rod back inside me. I gasped and moaned; I was in heaven. This is the first time I saw myself in the mirror being fucked by a man while sucking my own wife.

This was just heavenly, my wife was abusing me, “Lick it, you whore. You wanted to be a woman, right? Today, you will become a whore. From now on, all my boyfriends are going to fuck you!” I was astonished to her such words coming out of my prim and proper wife but I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I was loving it. Pankaj increased his pace, and in turn, I tongue fucked my wife. I was sandwiched between my wife and my man and moaning like a bitch in heat. This is what fairy tales were made off, my blouse was sticky with sweat and the heat was increasing with the minute. Then he said those magical words, “Bitches, I am going to cum now.” His strokes had become real fast. I had been waiting for this moment since we started fucking and here it was the ultimate crescendo to this day. I said, “Cum inside me, Pankaj. Make me your bitch. Get it all inside your bhabhi’s ass. ” I was pleading like a desperate bitch whose life was dependent o it.

My wife said ” Do it, Pankaj. Turn this man into what he wants to be –  a cum loving middle aged woman, who loves young cock! Fuck her Pankaj. Cum inside her. Make her your wife, your slut, own this sluts body!” I became super horny listening to her. And Pankaj, he started stroking furiously and moaning that he was gonna cum. He grabbed my skin-folds on my waist really hard one last time, and he exploded inside me. In that moment, everything turned quiet. I felt immense pleasure knowing that I have been made a complete woman tonight.

I laid their on the bathroom floor exhausted and satisfied. My wife then looked at my satisfied face, and said, “Look at her, Pankaj. She’s so happy to be fucked by you. She really wants to live like a woman. From now on, she’ll be treated like one”. And then, she kissed me hard on my lips and asked me to wash my saree, and rest for a while. She said that we have reached a new understanding tonight. And from today, we will be like lesbian partners when alone. Also, she would introduce me to more men so that we could enjoy ourselves in more ways. I gave her kiss back and told her that I would love to be her slave and meet her other partners too. That night, I discovered something about me … something, though I had known but I had been denying all my life. I always wanted to be dominated as a woman, both by man and woman! I smiled at my luck as I just laid on the bathroom floor exhausted while she closed the door behind her. And when I woke up….. Its a different story!!

I still cannot forget that hot night. The night I became a complete woman!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Merry Times With Boyfriend

Part 1

I’m Deepika (the name changed as suggested by my dear boyfriend), a 21year old boy studying at a college in Cochin, Kerala. Well, as this is my first story, and I’m quite naive in expressing it, kindly pardon me for the errors if any. I am a pretty straight acting guy in public but had my own interest in private. I had always wished that I was born as a hot girl so men would love to bed with me. I love cross dressing and had always fantasied being in sex with a man. So the story begins with me meeting Rahul through a gay dating site. Here the story goes. 

It was a Thursday evening and I was randomly chatting with some guys in this gay dating site and Rahul, a 26 year old employee ping me. His DP was pretty cool and we talked a bit. The conversation was never horny but cute, romantic with a bit of naughtiness.
“So, you are a bottom”? Rahul asked me. “Not just a bottom. Deep inside my mind, I’m a naughty girl who is looking for a man who will treat me as his precious; like I’m his mistress, his slut.” I replied with very much passion. He must be impressed by this.
“So what qualities do you look for in your partner”? He asked this question in a lusty tone and I fell for him at that.

“Well, he should be caring and must be a pure top. He should treat me exactly like a girl”.
The conversation went on and on and I showed some pics of me showing my soft, smooth body and feminine ass. He did also send me the pics with his muscular body. It was quite a hunky body with less hair. “You have a body every girl would love to bed with” I smiled seducing.
“And you have a body every man would love to taste all day”. He replied with same enthusiasm. So we decided to meet the next noon. We decided to meet in a public place and get to talk directly. That was the plan. So the next day, we meet. He was so handsome and I nearly kissed him in public. He was 26yrs old, with well built body (as I saw in camera) and a devilish smile with lot of charm. He was working in a company at a great position and was unmarried. After a lot of chatting, we both made sure that we are meant to be together and decided to have a relationship. He promised me to love me like his precious girl. And after a couple of hours we left the restaurant.

Back at hostel, and I was in an emotional high and was masturbating thinking about him. Then I got a phone call from him and said to leave hostel and come to his flat for the weekend. I was really surprised at his move and didn’t know what to reply. He said he will pick me up from hostel at 6 pm which gave me enough time to get ready. I was in rosy heaven. As he told, he arrived at hostel at sharp time and I introduced him as my cousin to my friends. And we left my hostel to his flat in his new Nissan Micra. We were moving through the town, but I didn’t felt shy to run my hands through his pants (I didn’t know whether someone saw that through the glass of the running car). I unzipped his pant and took out his huge erect cock. I must say Rahul’s is a perfect cock. It was very much lengthy with decent width. It smelled of precum and I smiled at him.

“It is one of my naughty fantasies to give a juicy blowjob to a man driving car” I said in a girlish way of asking permission. “It is not a naughty fantasy. It is a really wild one. And I like your fantasy. I wonder how many other do you have like this”. He caught my face gently and looked me in the eye like he got what he wanted all his life. “A lot of this kind and I’m sure each one of them will make you go wow.” I kissed his hand. He ran his fingers through my lips softly. I took one of his fingers in my mouth and sucked it. I sucked it in a soft way, twisting my tongue around it and tasting it. He was in the mood and said “You have exactly a girl’s lips; very tempting”. I play bite in fingers before he took it out. It wasn’t pain at all and he enjoyed it. “You’re very naughty” He told. I bent down from my seat to his cock and took his light brown cock in my hands. He was melted as my soft girly hands were holding his gentle cock. I massaged it slowly and lightly. He smiled at me and said “You are my dream piece of cake and I will never stop loving you”. Hearing those, I started giving him a blowjob. I took it and tasted his precum and rode his cock with my tongue. The car was now very much slow and so was my cock. I gave blowjob to him for around 15mins and then he blasted his sperms in my mouth. I drank till the last drop. I sipped everything. And then after sometime, we reached his flat.

It was a luxurious flat and all the people lived in nearby apartments were extremely rich and influential people. I was glad I got a rich boyfriend. And as we were walking towards the elevator, he held my hip and then hung his hand around my waist. I was behaving exactly like a girl with my poses, gestures and talking and everything. Many have seen us going this way but we didn’t care at all. While waiting for the lift, he told me “My flat is in 7th floor. It is chilly there. You don’t mind that, huh”. I postured myself like a girl and said “I would love to get cuddled by a hot man in a cold night”. We smiled and as soon as we got inside the lift and the doors closed, he kissed me in my lip. Soon it turned into a wild and hungry smooch. We both tasted each other’s lips. He was sucking my lower lips which were a bit thicker than my upper lip between his lips and chewing those in-between. Our tongues were knotted. When we broke the kiss, the saliva lines between us were still connected.

When we entered his flat, I was quite impressed with his flat. It was perfectly romantic and the view from balcony gave me a rainbow feeling. He vame to me and hug me from behind and called me “Deepika”. I smiled at him and he said “That’s your name from now. Your identity” I kissed him again. He then said he will be going out to buy some things for our adventure and will be back soon. As he went out I shaved my underarms and penis area and bathed and wore a Levi’s girl’s shirt above my bra and panty. (I used to wear that when I’m alone at my home or hostel. I had put this in my backpack as I knew what was in store tonight). I then applied body lotion throughout my body. IT was Strawberry flavor. And then put red lipsticks and lip glosses. Lined my eyebrows with kajal, wore my sexy looking nose ring n earrings and a bangle.

I then wore a thin silver waist-chain across my waist (which was below the shirt) and put nail polishes both in hand and toes. Then I looked in the mirror and found a girl whom every man would die to fuck all day. My white creamy, softies and hairless body with small cute breast and a girly ass (of course, a bit huge compared to my body and with exact shapes) and my thin waist and long slim legs which were hairless. I was the dream fuck of any man. I then thought of him. He was 6’2″ with light brown skin and perfectly macho. He was the dream man of any girl and I had got him. The calling bell rang and as I neared the door he was whispering through the door “Come quickly, Deepika”. And as I opened the door, He was shocked in seeing me and said “you are exactly looking like a girl. You’re soft, fair, with killing body shape and your boobs are inviting, your legs and I won’t talk about your ass. It’s better than any girl in this world.” He then wrapped me in his arms and his hand was around my hip. He was running his face in my neck, kissing and biting slowly and his trimmed beard and mustache was tickling me.

Part 2

I playfully relieved myself from him and said “What did you buy from outside?” And he replied “Food, beer and everything you need for two days because we are not going out of this flat this weekend”. He smiled and carried me into the bedroom.

I was in Rahul’s flat for the weekend dressed as a hot girl. And When I looked at the mirror, I knew I was the dream fuck of any man, such girly I was. Now as Rahul came back buying all things for our weekend he was stunned in seeing me so. I had put on strawberry body lotion, put up lip gloss and thin lipstick, kajal in my eyes, nose ring and earrings, and a silver chain across my navel. I had wore a long shirt without pants showing my sexy waxed-like legs above a push up bra and panties. “I love strawberry.” He said after smelling my body. His nose and trimmed chin was tickling me.
“Yea, I know. Common, I am all yours” He then put my hands across by navel and pulled me to him. And he started kissing me. To be frank, he was eating me with my lips being played by his tongue, chewed my upper and lower lips throughout. He kissed me for about 5 minutes and when he stopped tasting me, There was saliva line between our lips. He was pulling me too much to him and I liked it pretty much. “You are tasting good deepika” he exclaimed with a sexy smile(which I like very much) and then he unbuttoned my shirt. I kissed him in his cheeks all the while he was undressing me.
“Why so rush dear, You have two days to explore me” I said lustily.

He removed my dress completely. Now I was in my bra and panty. He was dumbstruck in seeing me like that and whispered in my ear “You are dream fucking fantasy of any man. I’M not going to leave you at all”. His one hand reached my ass while other was still across my navel. He pressed my ass and I let out a sexy moan and he pressed it again wildly. Before I could moan, he shut out my mouth with another kiss. It was an extended warm lip lock. Around 10 minutes, he kissed me, pressed my ass and All this time I was pressed against him. While the kiss broke, he smiled and said “What all are your fantasies, deepika”

By this time I had completely turned to a bitch for him and I was extremely happy to be treated like that, like his mistress or girlfriend or slut, whatever it is. My talkings, gestures and sound had turned to like a girl’s. I made him sit on the croutch and I sat in his lap with his hand around my navel. “There are a lot. To give you blowjobs in public places, like to just say, here in this flat’s corridor, swimming pool etc. And then, to get fucked in there too. I have a lot more that will.make you go wow.” I said this and playingly bite his nose. He said he is ready to do it. He carried me in his arm (as I said earlier, he was a hunk) and walked out of the flat. It was around 1am and all people from other apartments were sleeping. Actually both of us were too horny and we didn’t care what If some others saw us.

He walked to the stairs and all during the walk, he was kissing my neck and lips wildly. He sometimes, bite all over my face and neck which was making us more horny. When we reached the stairs, he was still in his complete dress while me only in bra and panty with a chain across my navel. As I had told earlier, With my soft body, small boobs, pretty damn sexy ass and waxed, shaped legs, anybody who could have seen us must have mistaken me for a girl, which I had turned to be in exact.
“Show me heaven deepika” he said softly in my ears before biting it.“Here it is” i said back and let his pant unzip. I told out his huge cock from his undies and ran my tongue across it. I tangled my tongue across his cock and then put it inside my mouth. Then for the next 10 mins, I gave him a juicy lollipop blowjob. His cock touched all inside of my mouth and he was moaning throughout. I tasted his precum and it was damn tasty. After 10 mins, I said “Seems like the cream is about to explode, my dear Rahul” . He was in cloud 9 and was moaning with eyes closed and I said “I love cream”.

His ejaculated in my mouth and I drank it completely. We then lied there for some time with me in a step down to him and his cock still in my mouth. Then he took my mouth in rough fashion. “You have wasted some cream, deepika” and then i licked a drop of cum which was struck in my lower part of the lip. “There is some more” he said and ran his fingers in my upper lips and cleaned some from my upper lips. As soon as he took out his finger from my lips, I licked that finger slowly but thoroughly. That lick made a sexy great sound out of my mouth. We then walked back to the flat and all the way, his hand across my navel and kissing my lips, biting my neck, ears and chin. As we entered the flat, we decided to have dinner and he said, “First let me have the dinner and then you can” .I knew something horny was in his mind. So he tried to remove my bra and panty. I stopped him and said “Not with your hand dear, my delicious body needs something special”. He said okay deepika and tried to remove my panty with his teeth. He almost tore my bra with his teeth. And it took him 3-4mins. And in between he was biting my boobs roughly. Once my boobs was set free, he started licking my boobs. He was literally sucking my boobs like it was his precious candy. He then did the same while removing my panty. He bite my ass, oh my sexy huge ass and my well shaped legs. He bite again and again my ass, my thighs (oh, I cant explain when he bite and licked my soft inner thighs and legs.)

When he removed my panty completely with teeth, he sucked my toe. After some time, he looked me in eyes and said “You are a girl trapped in a boy’s body. If only you had born as a real girl, I bet millions will queue up to make love with you. And then they would fuck your brains out all day”. “Lets have dinner before you fuck my brains out” I smiled and said. He then carried me and made me lied in the dining table. He poured chocolate cream all over my body and painted some cream on my lips too. He then tasted me. In another 10 mins, Rahul licked all cream out of me (again, when he licked and ate cream from my inner thighs and navel, biting midways, I liked it like heaven). He then ate bread with jam. But the sexy thing was the jam was all over in my navel. After he finished, he made me sat on his lap and I ate food in that way. He removed my ear rings and nose ring. I was nude with a him chain across my waist. And I ate just like that with me held towards him (believe me, mayonesse licked from his cock was awesome). When we finished our dinner he said “Deepika, you are a hell of a fuckable thing in nude with just this chain. Your aroma, and mouth with eaten material crumps here and there are the wildest ideas of a perfect slut. A perfect slut for me”

“I will be always your slut, bitch, whore, mistress, girlfriend, wife, everything ” I said.“And your ass and legs are best in this world. So is your lovely lips and boobs and your whole body is something to taste and cherish all life” he continued smilingly. “So is your cock and masculine body” I replied “Lets fuck. Or that’s rude. Lets make love” He said and carried me to bedroom. “Not there, balcony would be fine. I want to be under stars when we make out” I said like a hungry girl in girlish town and he smiled and headed towards balcony.

Part 3

As we already had two nice sessions, one on the corridor stairs and other at dining table, we both were damn horny and eager for more. As my man Rahul was in Shorts showing his well built body, I was just in a slutty girls costume with a thin chain across my navel. We went to the balcony and I was completely nude except for the chain. My lips were red after some extraordinary sessions with Rahul’s tooth and tongue.He sat on the air bag and I sat in floor with my arms resting in his thighs. His cock which was a 7 inch stunner was still not into its complete strength after two juicy lolipop blowjobs. Some remains of cum along with the precum oozed out and I licked it again. I played with his cock for sometime and in 10 mins it was rock hard.

He carried me into his laps and I sat on his thighs. His hand which was across my navel was massaging my big girly ass sometimes. My slim waist and navel was touched by the other hand. He then kissed me in cheeks (which was beardless) and started biting it as well, along with my earlobes. His hot breath was turning me completely. The girl in me which had already turned on was in next phase to become the wild-naughty-mistress. He smooched me for a long time and then bite my neck. And then he started with my boobs which was small but extremely girly and soft. He started eating my boobs and navel. After 30 mins of wild play from my stud, he started biting my ass cheeks.
Me : Oh, You know how to treat a girl :)
Rahul : Deepika, you are an awesome girl. And your ass cheeks is the best thing I had bite in my life, even better than your hip and boobs.
Me : You just want to bite it all night?
Rahul : No deepika, I want it to be mine. Mine alone.
Me : Just my ass??
Rahul : No, You tender legs, your tasty boobs, your girly lips and you as a whole
Me : I am already yours, Play me as you wish.
Then he licked my lips and had a hard bite at the space between my lips and cheek. He then carried me into the airbag. He put on a condom and which was chocolate flavored and he put some lotion in my ass too. He slowly started penetrating his cock inside. It was so painful but his kisses on my neck and cheek along with consolations made me tolerate the pain. He started fucking me very hard which Yet painful was pleasurable. His cock explored my ass for around 30 mins and at last he came inside the condoms. He was so exhausted and he took his cock out of my ass. I removed the condom and licked the cock well.He smiled at me and said

Rahul : How did it go?
Me: Painful, but I enjoyed it to hell.
Rahul : Deepika, I love you
And then we slept at the balcony under the stars. I was cuddling his hot body and his arm was around me slowly swaying between my ass and navel. Before he turned into a deep sleep, I told him I am his slut. He smiled for it and kissed me. We slept then.
Around 6 o’clock, I woke up. It was just a low light morning and it was a fresh morning with nice cool climate. He was still sleeping, and the cold was upon me which made me again horny. I tool his cock and started licking it. It was turning into hardness and he was half asleep and half waken.
Rahul : What are you doing deepika?
He said in a sleepy voice which was so sexy.
Me : early morning blowjobs are my fantasy.

He smiled for it in sleep and continued sleeping. I took out his cock and slowly ran my tongue tasting it like me first time, with slow tanglements, lollipoping, and licking. I was enjoying every moment of it. I did like that for around 15 mins by which his cock delivered me the precum. I tasted it and then gave a hard blowjob. He came in 3 mins. I tasted his cum again and dozed off after tasting it. I then woke up at 10 o clock. By this time he was not with me. I entered the flat with a thin strip of sheet covering myself and I found him watching tv. He had his bath and he was waiting me for the breakfast.

Me : Rahul, you could have called me.
Rahul : No deepika. You deserve some rest. Because today can be 10 times more enjoying than yesternight.
Me : we will see.
By saying this I gave him a wild kiss on cheek. He strangled me by my soft arms and threw away the sheet. He smooched me hard and then bite my navel and ass before giving a love-slap in my ass. I then went to the bathroom and had a super bath in mild hot water. It was a good feeling. N when I saw the bath tub, I planned something for the day.
When I finished my bath, I searched in the wardrobe for a dress. He called me from dining room and said
Rahul : All you need is in the package I bought yesterday.
I searched that and found a transparent panty of my size and another matching transparent push up bra.
Me : Rahul, am I only wearing this?
Rahul : Even that’s excess honey, You won’t even need that after sometime.
Me : so we are not going outside?
Rahul : Yes we are. I got some other things for that part

He then smiled. I heard his sound and knew something adventurous is waiting for me.
I checked myself on the mirror and found again the slutty girl looking back. My soft body with small boobs and slim waist, huge ass and extremely shaped legs which was hairless was even tempting to myself. I knew I’m any man’s fantasy. I saw a lot of red marks which was result of Rahul’s love bits and in my white body, they were evident and I liked it that way.
So I wore the panty and bra. I then applied orange flavored body lotion, and The bra, panty and lotion was perfect fit for my soft girlish body, legs and ass. I put on lip gloss and lipsticks and a nose ring. I then went to him and said
Me : So, breakfast huh?
Rahul : No, you..!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Best Friend is a CD

Hi this is Rishi. I am a regular reader of MyCdStories and thus I thought to share my experience with all of you. This is not a real story but it happened to me in one of my dreams. I hope you will like the story as you have liked all other stories of this site. I'll introduce myself.  I am an Engineering student... now in 2nd year… in my collage I am a topper student…because of my senior Sravan…he helps me in studies and life and we became best friends….lets get in to my real life story on what happened 4 months back… That day I was feeling very dull. I was getting bored from my daily life. Sravan came to me.
Sravan: hi Rishi…what happened? I am observing u from the last 3 days. Why are u so dull? Anything wrong?

Me: nothing Sravan. Just like that…

Sravan: ok Rishi, come on lets go to my home town where was I born and mother told me to bring you to our house…you need a change of place and climate…you will definitely enjoy my mom's company. She is so friendly…pls don’t reject my invitation..

Me: ok lets go…

We travelled to Sravan's home place in a bus and reached within 3 hours. We entered into Sravan's house…His house was like a palace the entrance his mother welcomed us..

Sravan's mother (Swathi): Sravan always tells me about you. I am so happy to see you..ok both of you, come inside and freshen up. We will have lunch together.…

Sravan accomodated me in a sperate room and I went to bathroom. I got fresh and I entered into the main hall. I sat on the sofa and started waiting for Sravan… after 2 mintues, a beautiful girl who was looking like an angel arrived. She had big boobs with nice cleavage in half saree…36,28,36…wow she looked awesome…

I was looking at her with lust eyes ..Her name was Sravani… She invited me for lunch…she also sat with me and aunty came and started serving us…

Sravan's mom (swathi): Rishi what are u waiting for? eat dear…

Me: Aunty I will wait for Sravan …

Sravan's mom: so sweet of you… Sravan is already eating in front of you….

Me: What….? Aunty what are you saying?  …..impossible…

Sravan's mother: its true Rishi… Sravan loves crossdressing..he loves dressing like female…whenever he comes home, he changes to Sravani.

Me: Sravan!! is this really you? … I can't believe my eyes. You look so stunning. beauty.. wow…no one could identify you

Sravan's mom: Rishi I don’t have daughter ..and I always wanted a daughter…but Sravan's dad died in accident…

Me: I am sorry Aunty

Sravan's mom: its ok Rishi… lets go to your bed… to go to sleep in rishi bed room…in my room a/c is not working…

Sravani: come on Rishi..lets go to sleep..
I smiled and said: ok Sravani…

We were going to sleep in bed but were talking to each other…

Sravani: Hey Rishi…I saw you were looking at my boobs with lust eyes…

Rishi: ohhh ..but you are aweome. Can I kiss you once? please Sravani
I kissed Sravani. I bit her lips, was sucking her mouth for 15 minutes and pressing her boobs…Then I slowly kissed his belly..
Sravani was moaning heavily…ha haaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm avvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaa………

I removed her Red saree and exposed her in red blouse and petticoat. I wanted to suck her boobs and fuck her hard. Then I removed her blouse and petticoat. Sravani was just in bra..and  panty… I unhooked her bra her boobs sprang out. Those were huge and tits were big …I was licking her tits ….

After that Sravani and me were naked…Sravani took my 9 inch cock in her hand. Kissed my edge of the cock, I was in heaven… Sravani was almost chewing and sucking my cock …and I started to fuck her mouth.. I was moaning aaa mmm haaaaaaaa mmm….I was  about to cum in her mouth…

I couldn't control for longer and cummed in her mouth. She cleaned all my sperms with her tongue…. I tightly hugged her and kissed her once again…My cock was hard again and I inserted my cock in her asshole.. She was moaning loudly with pain and pleasure while I was inserting my rod into her… 

She shouting aaaaaa waaaaaaaaa..aaaahaaa fuck faster  fuck faster faster haaaaaa kkkkkaaaaaaaa haaa mmmmm ha ha haa mmmfuck tear my ass …I incresed the speed about 6shot s per 2sec… she was feeling in heaven..moaning aaaaaahaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmwwwww…

Suddenly I was cuming in her asshole. I filled her asshole with my sperms and saw Sravani stroking her hard dick fastly and she also spurted out her hot sperms on the bed.

Sravani: wow Rishi …ur awsome you’re my man….ummaaaaa baby ..i love youu….

In morning.. we got freshen up. I kissed her cheeks …after we had breakfast..we went for a movie and we kissed in movie theatre also..again the same night we had sex ..
Our holidays were complete and we had to go college again..and Sravani changed to Sravan …we were about to leave..

Me : aunty thank you and sravani… and one more thing aunty..when I visit again I also want to indulge in Crossdressing.. can you help me…?

Crossdressed for room mate

NOTE: this story is not written by me..................I have collected it from net.Full credits to the original author

I don’t know anything about cross-dressing . But situation changed me as a cross-dresser. The story is about me (Sanjay) and my friend Ravi, we live in a double bedroom flat we are actually roommates. We used to work together in the same company, however last month I moved to another company. But we live together even after I have changed my job. Time made us best friends. One fine day my laptop gave me some trouble. I  went to hall. Ravi was sleeping. I took his laptop for my work. After finishing my work, I noticed that Ravi forgot to sign out of his Facebook account.
I saw all those boys wearing female dresses ..I read and understood all those things i saw pictures were of crossdressers veins, and blood started flowing like bullet train friend Ravi was a CDlover. I signed out and kept the laptop where it was..and then went to my room. I was thinking all those things that I saw. I dont know why, but strongly decided that I want to dress like them ...but how???...

Within 24 hours I learned and ordered all those things for cross-dressing. And  I decided to reduce my weight immediately. I am 5.10  but 80 kgs ..i went to doctor and asked i want laipoo operation to reduce my weight doctor gave me date we will do it...when I returned to flat Ravi wasworking on his laptop. I decided to ask about crossdressing. I sat beside to him on sofa and asked ..

"Ravi do u like cross-dressers?"

Ravi: "who are they?"

I saw in his eyes that he was lying to me....

I said "Ok Ravi promise on me do u like cd`s? because I saw your FB account. Tell me don't worry ..I am your best friend. I'll keep this a secret."

Ravi said  "I am sorry Sanjay I was scared that you will think bad about me"

I said "don`t worry my friend. I am very broad minded. It is absolutely fine"

After we had our conversation about Ravi liking crossdressers...And i promised him i will find a nice hot cross-dresser for him within a short period of time.

I told him "your dream will be true..ok don't worry."

NEXT DAY we both went our parents' home. I returned to flat within one day...I had laipoo operation and some skin smoothed just like female skin shines with doctor's help. I reduced my weight up to 70 kgs.

Now I look slim and have shinning body . I went to flat and called Ravi to come to flat. He was back on the next day. But I was in my room as I wanted to give him a surprise ...

Ravi called "where are you Sanjay? I called you but your mobile was switched off"

I said "Ravi don't worry. Go to your room have some sleep..I will see you tomorrow. One more thing, I had told you that day that I will send a cross-dresser for you, guess what!!!! she is coming to our flat ..have fun with her okay?"

Ravi went to his room and locked his door...And now my cross-dressing starts.

I went to bathroom and had a nice hot rosewater bath and dried myself up using a soft pink towel. It was my first night with Ravi so I decided to dress like a newly wed bride. I went to the wardrobe section and took out a padded white bra and white panty. I wore breast forms which were ordered from the Internet. Even god cant find those were actually fake boobs

When I was wearing  bra and panty, its touch on my body made me behave as female ..I wore a white petticoat and blouse which was a bit tight, had deep back and neck cut with a proper cleavage visible and finally wore a saree. I had little touch of make up because I was already smooth as female.

I applied eye liner on eyes and wore fake eye lashes..long hair wig ...ear tops  and jewellery...and also placed flowers on my hair like newly wed Indian lady. And wore bangles, payals and bindi..and looked my self in the mirror.

oh my god  i was shocked to see my new avatar. Even I forgot that I was male. You can see picture of me at the top of the story. Its not my pic however I somewhat resembled to the lady. I slowly went to Ravi's room...and knocked the door .he opened the door and asked me to come in..he didn't recognize me.

 ...he didn't know I had laipoo section ..Ravi asked me can v have dinner and we  went dinning room and I said I will serve  like your wife and be free with me think im ur wife.

Ravi said ok.

We were eating ...after  finishing dinner ..we sat on sofa for having a chat..suddenly ravi kissed me on my lips.he was kissing hard and licking my mouth and said "ur so beautiful and hot" and he started to squeeze my big boobs ..he removed the pallu of my sari and I was in only blouse  and petticoat.

My blouse was deep cutand my boobs were visible. He saw my boobs with lust in his eyes..he lifted in his arms and took me to his room, kept me on his bed. I had totally forgot that I was actually a male ...he removed my blouse my bra. my big boobs were exposed.

He was licking my boobs and sucking my nipples like a dog. He was also biting and squeezing and licking my belly ...I felt like vibrations all over my body.

I was moaning like lady  aaahhhhh.....mmaaaaaaaa...aaaaaaaaaa wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

I got up and Ravi was in bed ..I took his cock into my hands. his cock was dark in color and was 8 inches long. I was rubbing it up and down and he was moaning aaa ya baby yaa keep it ur mouth.

I did what he said. I took his cock in my mouth and he started fucking my mouth and his cock reached my throat..he came to climax time . He cummed on my face and boobs and he started kissing my pink lips wildly i was feeling very horny ..i was on bed he remove my petticoat and panty alsoo .

My cock sprang out was like hot rod..ravi lifted my legs on his shoulders....he started inserting his hard cock in my ass hole. He was inserting slowly and pressing my boobs simultaneously.

While inserting his cock I was feeling like I was in heaven. He started fucking ....fucking harder and ravi increasing his speed of fucking me.

I was moaning like a bitch aaaaaaaaaaaa...mmmmmmmmmm.........ya baby fuck me fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ..........mmmmmm yaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhh do it dear mmmmmmmmmm....

he fucked me almost 42 minutes and took out lots of sperms inside my asshole.  After  that we slept ..and in the morning Ravi was still sleeping and I went  had bath and dressed like female again ..I woke up Ravi and gave him coffee too 

Ravi said "you are my best friend Sanjay"

I was shocked ..How did Ravi find that I am Sanjay ..

Ravi replied  "You have birth mark on back of your neck I saw it now ...I could find out even when I didn't see that birth mark.. your prefect  female wowww really sanjey ..ur the best friend."

I told "stop it Ravi you are making me blush"

we laughed at each other and we decided have as usual cross-dressing and sex...lots and lots of sex.